Teaching Kids vs. Indoctrination

I’ve been having a discussion on Facebook today about something else pissing me off. We have these kids in Russia learning weapon handling and basically readying the next generation of Marxists to kick our ass when we can’t even hold our fingers in a shape of a gun without being suspended from school. What’s maybe worse is that we put up with this crap. Even I’m guilty of seeing report after report and all I do is post it to Facebook to others that think the same way that I do on the subject.

Now when I said I had this “discussion”…well let’s just say I there was a possibility of being trolled by my own friends. The difference is that I know it’s a possibility. Anyway, I digress. I’m going to present my thoughts here, challenge them if you need to.

There’s no way we could have something similar to the above video in public schools in this country. I’m not entirely sure I would want that level of training in a setting I have no control over. But we can do more than we are now. I would venture to say that we have allowed our kids to be indoctrinated away from guns. In my high school there wasn’t a truck in the parking lot without at least one rifle. This was just in the early 90’s. In fact, if you parked your truck and it didn’t have a rifle in it…there was something wrong with you. Now we have kids arrested for threatening others with a Poptart. It’s psychotic. If I was in charge of the schools here in southern Texas this is what I’d do:

  • During elementary school a program, such as the NRA’s Eddie Eagle, will be brought in a minimum of once a year just to teach kids what to do if they see a gun at a friends house. No one trying to push gun rights issues or even convince they of how fun they are. Just if you see one, run and tell an adult. It’s the same thing we do with the DARE program and for the same basic reasons.
  • Jr High, step things up a notch. Add in some more safety aspects, like the four basic rules, and maybe supervised BB Gun marksmanship with a parent’s  signature. No signature then those kids get more basketball time, or whatever.
  • High School…bring it! By this age you will have a good idea of who is doing the shooting/hunting with their families. Let’s make safety/basic maintenance an elective. Let’s let these kids have a competitive rifle team. It’s not mandatory but it’s not banned either.

Let’s face it, by banning it to the extent we have today we’re allowing political indoctrination against our firearm’s heritage. We’re loosing future military, police, hunters, skeet shooters, IDPA, 3gun, and other firearm enthusiasts because we’re allowing them to be taught that guns are evil and to be feared. It’s not indoctrinating them toward guns, like was mentioned in the Facebook discussion, it’s keeping our heritage alive and allowing kids that would normally only be taught about guns via their Xbox to know what to do if one is found.

2 thoughts on “Teaching Kids vs. Indoctrination

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