45acp Discussion

I posed a question to the folks on the We The Armed forum. I asked them about the relevance of 45acp with the advent of more recent calibers like the 10mm. I mainly did this knowing the reaction I would get but, here in America, you mess with the 45 and it’s sure to stir up a hornet’s nest. In doing so it drove a lengthy discussion on the subject. I’ll let you read everyone’s reaction for yourself but there’s one thing that I didn’t do on that thread….give my own two cents.

But, that’s what Gundoc’s Doctrine is for, right? You come here to read what the Doc has to say on different subjects. So, here’s what I think:

What we have here is no normal caliber. This is something that has been with us a while. If you really want to get down to it you could say that the 45acp is the grandson of the 45 Colt. Despite what other calibers were around (and could have the same argument attached) you could say that the 45 Colt won the west. It was the caliber that most had, not only in their carry pistol (see what I did there?). It was defensive cartridge of it’s time.

Fast forward to early 1900’s. We need a caliber for the new semi automatics that have come on the scene. We have things like the 1911 coming on the scene. We have a military need for a SMG so what caliber are we going to build it in…..45 of course. As you’ll read in the comments of the above linked thread George Hill called it “America’s caliber” and he’s completely right. Whether the Colt version or the Automatic Colt Pistol version….it’s always been there for us. It’s defended against train robbers in the American West and it’s defended the lives of our military in the jungles of Vietnam. It’s our “go to” caliber and it stands for something in our hearts as well as our history.

So, with calibers like the 10mm powerhouse, is the 45acp still relevant? You’re damn right it is.

3 thoughts on “45acp Discussion

  1. Many jumped to the 10mm until they found the recoil was tuff to handle. I like the 45 ACP. I prefer a single stack 1911 or the CZ.
    A 22 in the right hands is extremely lethal. Shoot what you can handle well.

  2. Remember that the .45 acp is the only scientifically designed pistol cartridge. Look up the Thompson-Lagarde tests and you’ll see what I mean. They tried .30 cal, 9mm, 10mm (.40 cal) .45, and .50 cal pistols, and went with the one that worked best.
    And the .45 does it’s work at a fraction of the operating pressures you’ll find in any of the other major rated pistols. I design the things for a living (resume on Facebook) and frankly, the only other major caliber I could suggest would be the .400 Corbon, and that for specialized hunting uses. The Corbon has better stopping power than ANY 9mm/.357, the perfect feeding of a bottleneck case, 8,000 psi to 10,000 psi (okay, CUP) less pressure than a 10mm, with the same bullet at slightly higher velocities.

  3. Which weapon is best? The one that’s best for you.
    That said, the .45 ACP 1911 single-stack is comfortable, has lots of stopping power, and fits me very well. Its operation is very reliable and almost instinctive. It would take a huge amount of convincing to get me to ditch this weapon.

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