Thoughts after the big Texas Move

So, I’ve been here in Texas for almost two months…I think. Time flies when you’re trying to get back into a routine. After a little time I’ve had time to think about a few observations.

First off, this is the South. People are more kind than anywhere else I’ve lived and I love that about the South. Honest, willing to earn your trust, and God fearing people trying to do what’s right. I should just leave it at that but I’ll keep going with the post.

The flag….

There’s more to it here that has taken me a while to get use to, or should I say understand. You can’t drive anywhere, down here, without seeing the US flag…without the Texas flag…and more than half the time you’ll see the two at the same height.

I’ll just let that sink in a bit….

Normally that would get me upset but I gave it some time to sink in. Yes, I know that no other flag is supposed to be the same height as our national flag. Back in Utah this would have every boy scout within a hundred miles having a fit over such a display. Here it’s common place. Common enough to be seen daily at my local police station, banks, car dealers, ect.

Here’s my thoughts on it. At one point in time I would be sitting in the Republic of Texas…it’s own sovereign country. Sure that let to the Alamo and the Mexican American war and all the statehood stuff but deep down in people’s hearts still lives the Republic of Texas and they’re very proud of that.

Now I’m not saying I’m running out to buy flags so I can do the same thing on my house. It’s not happening. I am saying that even though we shouldn’t see it, it’s here and I can understand why.

As a side line to the above comment…state pride. I’ve never seen it like I have here. People are proud to be Texan and will never really consider a move in part of that crowd until they see some pride in your eyes. This is the 9th state I’ve lived in and I have never seen state pride like this. Most people are more than willing to throw up a wall around their house and call it their country. Oregon…outside of the indigenous people…no one gives a crap about the state of Oregon. Sure, they care about the politics and laws they have to live by but no one I’ve met is truly willing to fight for Oregon. The same goes for every place I’ve ever lived. Here…there’s a reason for the saying “don’t mess with Texas”. You try to tear down Texas, verbally or otherwise, and they will whip you ass. I’ve heard more than one say that if asked, oversees, where they were from, they aren’t saying the US…they’re from Texas. As for my opinion on the subject, I think it’s refreshing to see anyone taking such pride in their community. It’s just nice to see people willing to stand up for where they live.

Anyway, that’s all for now….stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts after the big Texas Move

  1. Gundoc, welcome to Texas. I was born and raised here, and one thing you will learn pretty quick, especially if you have kids in Texas schools, is Texas history. My understanding is that Texas is one of the few states that requires students to learn the state’s history in grade school (7TH grade if I recall correctly). The flag issue arises from the manner in which Texas became a state. As you correctly pointed out, Texas was it’s own republic for a few years prior to joining the USA by treaty. That is the key. The treaty granted Texas the right to fly its state flag at the same height as the US flag among a couple of other details like the state retaining ownership of most of the land and the right to “break up” into 5 separate states should it so be desired (often confused with the “right to secede” neither of which is likely to happen…we love our state just the way it is thank you very much). Holler if you find yourself in the Dallas area. Would be glad to introduce you to the finer points of Texas culture and barbeque.

    1. I’m excited to be here. Not sure why I thought living anywhere else was acceptable. I haven’t been as far as Dallas yet but I’ll remember your invitation. We may have to send some lead down range while we’re at it.

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