Just Bothers Me…

There’s…too much going on in the news these days. Enough that makes you want to cry out in rage or form a protest march something. Only thing is that no one does anything about it, including me. I think there has been such an upsurge that we are all desensitized by the time the next .gov outrage comes around. That’s not an excuse just an open ended statement. It simply is….

Look, we have Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS targeting, BLM, MSNBC, and whatever else you can think of sitting around unsolved. We have a president booted over wire tapping a hotel room but years later we have some worthless nobody in our White House that essentially wire tapped the entire country and still sits in office because to say anything against him would be “racist”.

I call Bullshit on the whole thing, America!

Any time you send in a couple hundred heavily armed men to collect grazing fees……Let’s just come out with it, if the courts says he owes the money, fine, pay it. BUT DON’T SEND ARMED THUGS TO COLLECT A DEBT. Put a lean on the guys place and end up owning his property….done, now wasn’t that easy? But no, we’d much rather spend three times as much as we believe the guy owes to send in BLM troops and contract cowboys. Does that even make sense?

You know the one that really has me pissed today, though? We have THIS case out of Wisconsin. Now it may seem like a minor thing, compared to the above scandals, until you consider what we’re doing to the next generation of Americans. Playing Cops and Robbers is demonized…not to mention Cowboys…and Indians. All harmless child’s play that helped shape out sense of right and wrong, not so long ago.

The truly disturbing part of this, one of many I might add, is that there was an adult stupid enough to call the cops and tell them that there was a gun battle going on. Seriously…do Nerf guns not come in bright enough colors? Do they even look like real guns? Maybe the douchenugget that called it in has just watched too many SyFi movies…I don’t know….but it takes a serious lack of brain cells to call in a gun battle on your front lawn when no actual gun fire can be heard, the guns are florescent yellow, looking like something out of Star Trek, and NO ONE IS DYING after being hit 47+ times to the head and torso. You would think there would be a red flag, a spark of common sense, or freaking something to tell that limp appendaged waist of their daddy’s erection that these couldn’t possibly be real guns.

Does the story end there? Hell no. It would make too much sense for the cops that arrive on scene to tell this uninformed individual that he’s freaking retarded and to get a change in his meds…or quit getting so damn stoned. No we couldn’t be talking about a decent cop like that. We have to have another report of a jackwagon with a badge. Charging high school kids with Disturbing the Peace….because of Nerf guns. Is this the caliber of people departments are highering these days?  “Yeah, him…the one with the .00359 I.Q….yeah, we’ll take him.”

Are you freaking kidding me America. This is supposed to be the land of the FREE because of the Brave….not the land of doucherocket because of the stupid. Wisconsin should be coming unglued right now. There’s no way these kids were disturbing the peace. Having seen that I would have thought America was making a comeback and ran out there with my son, with more Nerf guns, and joined in.

Wake up America. You’re allowing these worthless piles of Sasquatch excrement to flush your country. Don’t just sit there yelling at the TV, get pissed enough to get off you ass and do something about it because if you don’t…the only way to rescue the Constituti0n is with bullets and blood…and no one wants that…NO ONE.

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