The Ogre is right….as usual

My buddy George just put a post up on Mad Ogre that I couldn’t agree with more…well mostly. The premise of the post is that Hollywood is seriously lacking in real guy movies. I’m not talking about another Transformers or comic book hero that has been done 14 different ways already that we just have to do in a different light with a new actor who is more than likely going to make a childhood comic book hero look more like a transsexual hipster in really cool tights that we will call “armor”. (For example, who the hell thought we needed another batman movie done by a pansie, much less Ben Affleck. Isn’t that the duck on the insurance commercials?)

George has a great list for movies that should be made.

Anything written my Larry Correia is a complete win. I would personally kill to see the Monster Hunter saga on the silver screen.

Uprising…being one of the authors I, naturally, would like to see that done. You want a zombie movie done right…you get guys that could actually survive to write it…not some hippie trash born and raised in Hollyweird.

Lovecraft…yeah, let’s get one of the masters of horror and do a movie about his work. Hellz yeah.

From there George goes into books I haven’t read so I can’t comment on them or put up an agree/disagree stance so that’s where I part from the original list. That being said the original sentiment still stands. We’re making a bunch of crappy pansie ass movies for teenage girls and remakes of stuff we watched as kids. There’s nothing original in Hollywood. So here’s my call to movie execs in Hollywood. If the only thing you can get from your current writers is a pile of crap…hand them a pink slip and get some guys that still have a pair to write scripts around books that real men want to read and, more importantly, want to be a part of.

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