I wanted to take a minute to talk about one of the favorite male subjects…women. Maybe not in the way you might think, though.

We live in a world that has everyone grasping for power. In many respects that is all the modern feminism movement is. A bunch of power hungry hags wanting to get back at whoever they perceive is the bullie. In most cases that bullie is any male they come across.

It is my opinion that they see themselves as powerless unless they own all the power. So for them to be strong, empowered women the men around them must be effeminate and subservient to them. I cannot agree with this. All that accomplishes is creating a new form of sexism a new form of class warfare.

The future Gen. Patton (7yrs) with his mother and sister.

What hard core feminists don’t get is that a real man doesn’t want a wimpy woman. Real men want a strong woman. Someone that can be a companion, not a liability. We want a woman that seeks out accomplishment for her self, her husband, and her children. It takes great strength to be the foundation of a family. A family can survive without a father but without a strong mother…it’s a wreck.

You want power, look at the mother. Look at the mother that raised Lincoln, that raised Patton, that raised Dr King. You take a look at the one person that taught any prominent leader (male or female) to be an upstanding person. I bet each and every one of them will tell you they owed it all to the strength of their mother.

Let’s talk about the superficial for a moment. Men love hot women. But there’s a difference. Some may be nice to look at but what is one of the sexiest female traits? Confidence. A woman that knows who she is and is proud of it has a certain grace that can’t be found in a woman with no backbone.

Women…you have all the power in the world. Quit bitching because men still want to act like they’ve got a pair in your presence. In fact I would say that only a strong woman wants a strong man. The more you complain about men, wanting them to act more feminine, the more you prove just how weak you really are.

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