New Additions

I’d like to introduce you to Kinetic Concepts Tactical. Since that’s a bit of a mouthful we’ll just call them KCT from now on. These guys are doing some innovative things with Kydex that I haven’t seen anywhere else. That’s why we’re starting a new addition to Crusader…Oh yeah, you’ll see these holsters on the Crusader site soon.DSCN3431

Now, sure…they have the usual Kydex holsters that every other outfit has and they do them well at a price you don’t mind getting one to try. That isn’t what I want to tell you about though. I want to show you their new MOLLE-Link holster. They put some thought into this product and it shows. They sent me one to try out and I love this thing. Now, as you folks know…if I hate something I will tell you each and every way that I hate it. I really have nothing bad to say about these. They attach directly to M.O.L.L.E. webbing and they are rock-freaking-solid. Your holster is going nowhere once attached and is actually not that much of a pain in the butt to take back off. DSCN3429

The Kydex to firearm fit…it’s good. Tight and stable. No shifting or slopping around like other Kydex holsters I’ve tried. To be honest I had lost my faith in Kydex but this holster has renewed the material as a vital option for tac gear.

I do have one problem, though. I love zero cant for a battle belt…that reminds me, I need a battle belt…but this holster leaves me wanting one with just enough cant to work better on a plate carrier and it might have to be in MultiCam to match the rest of my shotgun vest.

They have more options coming available for battle belt rigs and you will see those on the Crusader site when they come available. All of which will attach to the webbing of your gear just like the holster. I am really excited about this stuff. Hey, I may have to find a laser etcher here in Texas just to etch a Crusader logo on mine. That would rock to a high degree…but I digress.

Anyway, we haven’t worked out the final details yet but look for MOLLE-LINK gear fro KCT on the Crusader Weaponry site. If you just can’t wait…tell them I sent you.




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