Adding More Content

I’m looking to add more content to Gundoc’s Doctrine. I’d like to start adding product reviews. There are a lot of sites doing that very thing out there. Mostly from a military/law enforcement/good-ol-boy perspective. The one thing I can bring that others can’t is the gunsmith perspective.

How well engineered is your trigger upgrade? How installer friendly is your scope mount? Can your optic pass the gunsmith smell test.

Yeah, others can do all of these things. They can mount your red dot on their rifle and go shoot the crap out of it. Some can even put it through a thorough long distance test to see just how accurate you can be with your optic. How many can do the same thing from a “how well is it made” perspective? How many can take a look at your new rifle trigger and compare it to the engineering of other brands to see where you have innovated?

That’s what I offer at Gundoc’s Doctrine. So if your company would like to have one, or multiple, products reviewed here’s what I offer you…an honest article. If your product sucks, I will be absolutely upfront about it. If your product is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen you may just get multiple write-ups because I just can’t shut up about it.

If you’d like your product reviewed please contact me at

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