Kydex Holsters

So I have some general observations on Kydex holsters and then I’ll get into some pictures and stuff you can actually buy at a discount.

I really like Kydex as a material. It’s tough, it is easily molded, and can be made into a comfortable holster. I love the fact that you can get it in more colors and patterns all the time, too. Heck, if you want…Cerakote it so it has a unique look that speaks to you. It’s great stuff.

I’ve had a few by Concealment Solutions and let me start out by saying that Jason (owner of CS) does a fantastic job on Kydex holsters. Everyone I’ve had has been leather backed and pretty comfortable. They have concealed well and I recommend Concealment Solutions highly. There is one thing that I would do differently on a hybred holster. I prefer belt loops. Oh, wait….Crossbreed does that…but let’s face it, they don’t let anyone else do it. I would much rather thread my belt through a metal belt loop than to have the spring clips. Yes, I know that the clips are there to make it easier to remove without taking my belt off. I still don’t like clips (although maybe we’ve found those “assault clips” we’ve all been hearing about). Even still…I want belt loops. I think they’re more secure and I don’t intend to take the holster off until I’m damn well ready to do so anyway. So the ease of the spring clips are a non issue for me.

I understand the concept and ease of manufacture of some total Kydex holsters. I really think we can do something with the look of them other than mimicking a shovel. I know they are made to protect the muzzle (which I prefer in a holster) as well as wrap around the hip. I get that. I really do and appreciate the amount of thought it takes to develop that design and would absolutely have one for my winter OWB carry. They are still butt ugly…just say’n.

So, for anyone out there with the creativity to tackle this problem, please take the inginuity that designed this holster and make it look better because this thing needs some help.

Okay…Kydex…I love a company willing to lube up the wheels in their head and come up with something new and exciting. I’ve talked about these before but I really want to get the word about these. I know my readers use web gear. You have a battle belt or a plate carrier that needs to be populated with only gear that you can rely on in a pinch. So knowing that I want to bring you info about what I’ve found that is blowing my mind. That is the MOLLE-LINK holster. I can’t say enough about these. Molding is exquisite. It fits my Glock perfectly and keeps it more secure than I was expecting. I like a holster that I have to make a conscience decision to unholster my sidearm. I hate a holster that my gun slops around in or I try to move quickly and the pistol bounces in the holster. I hate that with a passion. I don’t have to worry about that with the MOLLE-LINK.

This holster doesn’t require some bulky piece of hardware to cling to the webbing that the holster will then attach to. This is such a simple process that it’s brilliant. Seriously, why didn’t I think of this? This holster connects directly to the webbing so well that I have zero worry about my pistol moving around or ending up damaged when “moving and grooving”.

Now don’t think that you backup has been forgotten about. These actually come in a smaller package perfect for backup sized pistols. Same great tech, came rock solid fit, same awesome quality.

Anyway, I want to get to posting pictures of this holster. I can type my fingers off but once you look at it you will see for yourself and that means more than anything I can type. As a parting shot, get your MOLLE-LINK though Crusader Weaponry and receive an exclusive 10% off code. Buy yours through Crusader and save, it’s a beautiful thing.


 photo mollelink12_zps02e1bed5.jpg

 photo mollelink13_zps23fac183.jpg

 photo mollelink10_zps41326b9e.jpg

 photo mollelink08_zpse2424701.jpg

 photo mollelink03_zpsa3b46404.jpg

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