Rossi 92

I recently had a Rossi 92 in the shop for a Slipstream treatment and action job. On first inspection it looks good. I was shocked to find that the stocks were actually finished properly. Pores filled and beautifully smooth. Then I got on the inside of the rifle….

This thing is NOT a Win92 on the inside. Sure they kept to some of the same principles. The lever is still held in a similar fashion. The bolt has been re-engineered and I’m not a fan. Trigger was still simple. I like simple. Simple firearm mechanisms mean there is less to go wrong.

The action was pretty rough to start out with. Now, some of the issues I’ll go into were on the original 92 as well so don’t take them as horrible factors.

1. Sharp edges. Everything was machined and then left with the razor blade corners. That goes for parts as well as the frame. It took longer than I thought to go through and round out ever edge on every part.

2. I like to see a company polish out the tool marks on surfaces that can’t be normally seen. That wasn’t the case here. With modern manufacturing practices the only excuse for this is a cost cutter. For me I see them taking less pride in their product.

3. If it ain’t broke…DON’T FIX IT. Some of the falling away from the original blueprints wasn’t needed. I’m sure it’s been long enough that you don’t have patent restrictions. Get rid of that ridiculous firing pin safety. The mechanism is so small that I would fear that it wouldn’t work in the first place. There was nothing wrong with the 92’s design. Don’t try to fix it if you don’t have to.

Anyway, final opinion….I hope the customer enjoys his rifle. I’ll make sure I personally stay away from Rossi though.

5 thoughts on “Rossi 92

  1. Darn. I’m almost certain that a close relative will be wanting a lever action once I finally get her to the range (arm injury = no go as of yet), and I was gonna suggest she look at a Rossi. Cross that off the list, I guess.

  2. I have looked at the Rossi 92s several times, and I really appreciate your professional opinion as you just confirmed what I’ve suspected for some time. Any opinion on the Marlin 1894s (pre-Remington) or the newer Winchesters?

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