Fortis Switch Handguard

So, yeah I’ve taken a look at Fortis in the past. I always thought their stuff was kind of “novelty gear”. So when I had a customer request a Fortis handguard be put on his Broadsword I was a little skeptical. Customer’s always right…except when their wrong…right?

So this handguard comes in. It was about the same cost as the Apex and more than I expected it to be. I take a look at this thing before ordering it and we’re talking about a keymod handguard with an integral top rail. To be honest that’s all most Broadsword customer’s want, anyway. So I was still okay with it so far.

The thing that got me about the Fortis Switch was the locking system. This thing comes with it’s own barrel nut designed to go with only this handguard. Okay, no biggie because they all do the proprietary thing. The pucker factor came from the fact that this thing basically has a quick release lever holding the handguard to the barrel nut. (pauses till the old horror movie shrieks subside) Okay, skip to the completed installation. I tweak and pull on this quick release handguard and the thing doesn’t move. No….I said did NOT move. This stupid thing was on there rock solid. I look down at the monstrosity I have just created and voice my approval with my best evil laugh.

Though I admit that I haven’t taken this handguard through and extensive rifle course or anything. I did, however, pound it with a rubber mallet and was  pleasantly surprised to find out that this thing is on there rock solid. I’m impressed. Impressing me isn’t an easy thing to do. So I have to tip my had to Fortis for a quality piece of engineering and offer the Gundoc Seal of Approval.


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