New Ghost…

I installed a new ghost connector for a Glock customer recently. Normally that’s a short task and the gun runs beautifully. This time…nightmare. Typically I love Ghost products but the new Evo Elite I’m not that thrilled with. Let me explain the situation.

Sure, I went through it several times and something just wasn’t right. So, tinker as much as you can from the bench and out to pay range fees to test fire the pistol. Nope, runaway gun again (Always bad). So, back to the bench to tweak on it until the next trip to the range and pay more range fees just to have the thing not work AGAIN. Finally I go to a different range that isn’t going to freak out if I bring tools and work from the tailgate of the truck.

Once at the new range I tried every combination and the only thing that would make this thing work was the original parts. Frustrated I leave the range dissatisfied yet again only this time I’m pissed. I get home and tear into this poor unsuspecting pistol. Nothing makes sense. Finally I take the original connector and the Ghost connector and hold them side by side. The ramp I have the red arrow pointing to was the entire problem. The angle used is very specific. It is supposed to let the rear of the trigger glock-trigger-with-connectorbar move upward a specific amount. This is important because it makes sure there is enough contact between the trigger bar’s “crucible” and the striker. The two make up your sear engagement. Now if there isn’t enough contact you get bump fires. How do I know this….the hard way of course, with several test fire shots ripping off rounds without intending to. Yeah…never a good thing.

Now this new Ghost connector, the Evo Elite, has that very specific angle changed. How so? Well the angle on this one is much more flat. So much so that it holds the curved back end of the trigger bar is kept down too low. I took out the Evo and put in a normal fitted 5lb connector and guess what….the trigger felt lighter, much more crisp, and actually functions safely.

Well it’s a good thing that Ghost has a great warranty. That connector will be going back for a refund. So, moral of this story is careful of what is going into your Glock. Have it done by a professional and be prepared for crazy, evil things to happen. If it doesn’t work perfectly the first test fire…stand by. No quality gunsmith will return your pistol to you in an unsafe condition. It may take a little longer to diagnose the problem but they will take good care of your gun. If this had been done on your own then you would have an illegal, full auto, pistol on your hands and you’d be taking it in to the gunsmith in the first place. So let’s do things right, let’s do them safely, and let’s get you back at the range for some trigger time.


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