Small Note On Pistol Maintenance

I received an email this week asking about 1911 recoil springs. It claimed that his spring had shrunken in size over it’s 5000 round lifetime. He also wanted to know if there was a better brand of spring that would take him further than a mere 5000 rounds.

My reply to that…….there’s not.

To keep your pistols running smoothly you need to keep it on even a loose schedule. Springs are going to wear out. It’s the nature of the beast and 3000 to 5000 rounds is a lot for 1911, or any pistol, springs. A spring kit should be a part of your maintenance schedule to ensure reliability on any pistol you intend to carry or that you just want to function well.

As for brands, Wolff or ISMI are actually very good. Remember that there are plenty of Ed Brown and Wilson Combat springs out there but they don’t actually make them. They probably get them from the above companies.

Some folks like to mess with the weight of their springs. Too heavy or too light can cause issues. I prefer to stick with factory weight springs in my carry guns and leave the messing around for my range queen guns (if I had one).

Carry on and carry always.

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