Caliber Trend

I’ve noticed a growing trend as of late. We all know about the FBI’s switch back to the 9mm and the big test they did to justify it. Since then there has been a big swing back to 9mm purchases. Just this morning I was searching the distributor for some 9’s to order in for MGC and absolutely zero G19’s available. It’s been that way for weeks. Sure there were other 9mm’s to choose from but Glock has cornered the market as the “go to” pistol for law enforcement and that always translates right back to the general public. So, no G19’s means Glock can’t make them fast enough.

Anyway, it’s just interesting to see how we are lead by incoming information. The FBI says the only thing you will ever need is a 9mm so everyone runs out and buys one. So….just an observation….carry on.

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