Prepared Are We?

I’ve noticed an unsettling trend here in Texas. No one carries extra magazines when they concealed carry. Even around work where carrying is highly recommended. We’ll have a range from Sig 9mm pocket guns to full size STI’s on hips with no extra mags. All I can do is shake my head. Sure we have extra ammo but do you really think you’ll have time to reload your mag if necessary? And yes, there was that Deputy Sheriff that actually told me, “I just throw a .22 in my pocket if I want to carry”. I had to turn and walk away. That was such a damning comment that I couldn’t look the guy in the eye and remain professional. Now, sure…I don’t want to get shot with a .22 any more than I’d like buckshot to the face. But it my life or the life of others are on the line I sure as hell am not going to go with a .22lr. I’m going to go with the largest caliber that I can control and make good hits with. Heaven forbid that day ever come but if it should I want to be able to put a stop to aggression quickly and move on because, lets face it, wolves hunt in packs so you never know who the next target will be.

I don’t know…I’m just ranting today. Carry on.

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