The 1911

In 1910 the first .45 caliber pistol passed through the hands of John Moses Browning and became a weapon. By 1911 it was adopted by the entire U.S. Armed Forces. It got us through three wars (I say 3 only because revolvers were still in wide use in WWI but were mostly gone by WWII where we pick up in this article). It has seen service in the humid jungles of the South Pacific, parched deserts of Africa, and frozen stretches of Northern Europe. Few pistols have the reputation of this visual icon or have saved as many warriors when rifles went dry in the heat of battle.
The 1911 has been made by virtually every company out there from mass producers like Remington or STI to custom builders like Wilson Combat or Black Mace Arms. Few, if any, weapons out there have received this kind of following and for good reason. Built properly the 1911 is a powerhouse without equal in the minds of men. You take one look at it and you feel its long history, its venerable reputation as a protector of the person holding it, and the sheer elegance of its design. It evokes a certain level of lust. A lust of power. To hold it is to hold the Grim Reaper in the palm of your hand.

Where am I going with this? Do I really need to go any further? Does the sheer sex appeal of the 1911 really need a reason or a name? Maybe, from time to time, we just need to admit that it exists. Sure there are other .45 caliber pistols out there but none other comes to mind when you simply vocalize the need for a 45. We already know which one you mean because….is there really any other? Really?

One thought on “The 1911

  1. yep there are hundreds more and some that would serve better in the next war nothing against the 1911 but its time is past for fighting wars. theres far more advanced 45’s they hold more rounds they are lighter. the 1911 is a great competition gun now or plinker or make a good BBQ gun

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