Stevens Falling Block

Had a poor abused .22lr Stevens Falling Block come in the shop yesterday. I dove right in because I love the falling blocks. I’ve wanted one for my kids for a long time…maybe not a Stevens though. This thing had been found in a barn and there was no telling how long it had been there. By the amount of dirt dried on the outside of the barrel and action…it was a long while.

I spent most of the day getting it cleaned up enough to tell what was wrong with it. After a complete strip down, clean, and assembling….the age and abuse was the problem. There just wasn’t enough metal keeping it locked up, it had a non original block pin that was bent and ill fitting, extractor plunger was gone and the spring was rusted in place, and the very uneasy test fire…no go. It didn’t set the round off. In fact the firing pin punched all the way through the rim of the cartridge.

Now the shop doesn’t, yet, have the ability to manufacture new parts so I couldn’t remake almost every part in the gun like it needed. The guy just wanted this thing for his grand-kids to shoot too. What am I going to have to tell him? “Please don’t fire this rifle”.

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