So I’ve been listening to business books on audible at work. It helps how I run the company website and helps me revive Crusader as well. I’ve been listening to one this week about putting WHY you do things before all else. It really got me thinking about why I started and ran Crusader all this time. It hasn’t been easy. In fact it has been much more difficult than I thought it would be. I’ve had to learn marketing on the fly. I’ve had to deal with the ATF, city, and state governments. I’ve been the go to guy on custom builds and even had to layoff those working with me. I’ve strengthened friendships and distanced others without realizing it. But it still comes back to WHY? Why go through all that when I probably would have made more by punching a time clock somewhere else? Why do it?

Watch any documentary about ancient weapon making. Somewhere in the show they will talk about the materials used. Some used, as a carbon source, the ground up bones of their ancestors, their enemies, or even ferocious animals to add a spirit of strength to the blade. It’s a magic born by belief alone. Using the bones of King Leonidas won’t actually add the prowess of the king of the Spartans to your blade. It won’t make you a better fighter. It will do nothing but add carbon to steel. But there is a certain magic about creating a weapon. About taking the correct materials and making something elegant and deadly. The feeling of creation is a strong motivation. It’s giving birth to the soul of the weapon. It’s bringing the heart of a warrior and blessing him with the tools of his trade. To hold one in your hands is to hold the Grim Reaper captivated in the palm of your hand. It’s knowing the right way to do it. It’s knowing potential of this creation and the carnage it could inflict if it is made correctly.

That’s why I build weapons. I have to admit that it’s a selfish pursuit for that feeling of creation.  However, that’s why the rifles, pistols, and shotguns I create work the way they do. That is why I put up with government scrutiny and mountains of paperwork. It’s for the weapon, for the act of creation, for the finished product that you the customer reap all the benefits of. You get a firearm built not by a hundred hands doing the same dreary job day in and day out. You get a craftsman building one weapon with his own careful hands. Everything has to be right or the weapon will have no soul. I can proudly say that every rifle I build has its own soul…its own reason for existence.

It’s not about WHAT I do….It’s about WHY I do it.

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