New Times

It wasn’t that long ago that we thought we were doing well with a couple of “gun guy” friends. There really wasn’t much going on but the normal political battle with the NRA to bother with. Now we see a huge increase in nothing good. Obama is flying to a fundraiser hours after 4 marines and a local P.D. officer are killed by some asshole with a prayer rug. All we see are apologies for everyone but the guy that works all week, pays his taxes, loves his family, goes to church on Sunday, and the range on Saturday.

If you don’t have a network of like minded friends…it’s almost too late to find them. I know because I’m in that boat myself. After a move to a new state and just working and spending time with the wife and kids I look at the world falling apart around us and wonder….who do I have that has my back. My pre-move network is scattered between three or four different states by now. Take a good hard look. Find that network. Stick to them like glue. The time may come, shortly, that we all need to rely on those networks.

Carry on.

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