New Hunters

It’s no surprise that hunting is on the rise. Reasons ranging from prepers to dads continuing a tradition share in the credit for it. We’re seeing a new source though. A friend tagged me in a post containing THIS article.

I find the article fascinating for several reasons. The fact that women are finally getting interested in the game in numbers that count is an amazing trend. The one that I really enjoy is that vegans are getting on board. This makes me smile in ways that it just shouldn’t…but I’m still grinning. One that almost bothers me is that the new hunters are being viewed as “athletes”. Someone in good physical condition able to go up mountains and bring meat for the freezer back down said mountain. When I grew up we called such individuals “men”. NFL players…those were athletes. NBA…athletes. Hunters were never seen as those capable of great feets…meerly normal human male activities. I think that trend comes from an increasing level of leisure in today’s world. productImage5415w592MAR

Anyway the world of hunting has changed and there’s actually some cool things happening with it. No longer do we see the best fabrics for hunters containing the words wool and plaid. Adaptations like this has taken us out of the “redneck” category and allowing the “modern man” to join the hunting camp. Sure they are there for slightly different reasons. They are excited for the adventure and filling the freezer is a secondary thought. For many of the older generation those reasons are reversed. I really don’t care if we are seeing a shift. I’m just glad to see a new generation of hunters.


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