STI Rocks…Again

This one deserves a “Holy Shit”. STI, we all know how much I love this company. If I lived closer I would be working there right now…and that’s according to actual STI management. Anyway, we all love the 2011. It’s freaking awesome, right? The only thing it hasn’t been fantastic at is being that small CCW pistol. Full sized, double stacked, 1911 clones have a habit of that. Not all of us have big enough frames to pull off concealing something of that size. Not everyone is like Larry Correia and I.

Well, that problem just came to a screeching halt with the new DVC Carry. This is an Officers size, 9mm, 15 round capacity beast. They have shaved all unnecessary weight. Have a new stippling pattern unique to the DVC models which adds some much needed traction. Anyway, just take a look at this thing. It’s bad-ass with a side of “no freaking way”.


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