Texas Firearms Freedom


There are two bills currently in the works here in Texas. Both of which I support. If you’re reading this…and are a resident of the great state of Texas I believe you will find this valuable.

First “Constitutional Carry”. Let’s face it…the constitution says absolutely nothing about having the right to firearms under certain circumstances. It says that the “right of the people SHALL NOT be infringed”. Permitless carry is the only constitutional version of a CCW.

The second one is an amendment to current concealed carry laws. It does nothing to deal with the price of a CCW class, however, it does tackle the hurdle of the price of the permit, and renewal, fees. From $140 to $40 with no renewal fees. Let that sink in…go ahead…I’ll give you some time.

I’m really excited about the prospect of Constitutional Carry. Not because I won’t need to get a permit. I still travel out of state to visit family to places without Constitutional Carry. So I’ll still be renewing my Utah license when the time comes as well as taking advantage of the lower Texas permit fees, should the bill pass.

The true reason I like this bill is because of the increase in freedom it provides. I know Texans like to boast about being a free state. Sure, it has a free spirit, but when it comes to firearm freedom…what actually formed the Republic of Texas and won out to become the State of Texas. However, when it comes to firearm freedom, it’s rather behind the times when compared to the surrounding states. One aspect that drives me crazy around here is the schools. Unlike Utah, even with a CCW you can not carry on school campuses. What a ridiculous predicament. You have gone through all the finger printing and background checks, on top of the eight hour class and shooting qualification. So, why should we be barred from being a protective force on our children’s school campus? By all means, make it only permit holders who are allowed to do so. We need a means of making sure criminals aren’t allowed to carry at schools. So, only CCW permit holders can carry on pre K through high school campuses. It ensures background checks for those carrying around kids and allows the constitution freedom of a parents to take responsibility for the safety of their children and their schools.

So, come on…Texas…let’s get behind both of these. Increase the freedom of the largest state in the Union. Allow people that have already passed the BACKGROUND CHECK to own a gun actually carry that gun. And let’s make the CCW (yes I know Texas calls it a couple of other things…I just don’t care) more affordable for everyone to have and give them added freedom for being better trained in Texas and defensive law.

So, keep up the fight, Texas. They already took it away. It’s up to us to go get it.

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