Beginnings of General Defense

Many, in today’s world, are concerned with general defense. Here in Texas, we hear of more and more violence in the cities. One that stood out in San Antonio was a family argument. It got heated and one of the men sped off in a car only to return a short time later. Upon arrival, he proceeded to murder the family member he was arguing with. Multiple rounds. This wasn’t a single round just to end a violent argument. There was passion involved. A sense of retribution.

 We have instances of road rage involving a vehicle racing down the highway to catch another car that wronged them in some retarded fashion…and filling the driver with lead.

What exactly the hell is wrong with these people? What fuels such hatred as to compel one to fill a family member or anonymous driver with pistol rounds over something that wasn’t life threatening? More importantly, how do you prepare for something like that?

Well, unfortunately, there is little we can do to mentally prepare us for a family dispute that turns deadly. What we can do is preparing ourselves for general defense.

What I mean by the term “General Defense” is simply a level of preparedness. If you have a CCW permit, or your state doesn’t require one, then carry…all the time. You have to make a run to the market…carry. You have to pick up the kids from school…carry. You go to visit family…carry. I think you get the picture.

Situational awareness is paramount, of course, but it is just as important to have an ounce of freaking brains. In the above situations, it would have been more intelligent to say, “hey, we’re family so I really don’t want to continue arguing. I’ll see you tomorrow”. Or maybe, instead of driving someone into road rage…pull off the highway. If he follows drive straight to the nearest police station. If it is safe to run a red light…do so. If you get pulled over explain to the officer that you are glad to see him and why. Tell him you were afraid of the person doing you harm if you stopped. Don’t push someone to violence. Know when to not let your male pride get the best of you. We’ve all been there. Do I get out and fight these two twenty-year-olds or just keep driving? Sack up and keep driving. Your pride can get you killed.

So, the lesson for today is, be prepared but use an ounce of common sense. Don’t put yourself in a position to get shot by some douchebag just because you are too prideful to let something go. Save the testosterone for a time it is actually needed. Master that and we can move on to the time that needs more testicular fortitude.

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