Compliance For The Gauge

I’ll make this as short as possible. HFD2 makes some interesting components. We wrote about their “pumpkin puncher”.

So, what’s different about this new model? Well, first I should say that this is an upgrade for the Nordic Components or GG&G shotgun magazine extensions. I really liked the original but…I did have a little concern for how it was attached. It is held on with simple set screws. We all know those stay put under recoil…right? Well this new one actually utilizes the port in the end of the extension…the one that lets debris out of the mag tube. However, a bolt with a lock nut making it 100% secure is a definite upgrade.

So, here is your product announcement. With the part sitting in front of me while I type I can say that I’m excited to try this part out. I look forward to having a part that I feel more confident in. I’ll get back to you on this part soon.

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