Concealment Solutions

 I’d like to introduce you to Concealment Solutions. I’ve actually known of this small Utah company for several years. We go back to when Crusader and Concealment Solutions were both sponsoring The Gun Dudes podcast.

That was in the early days of Concealment Solutions. Jason, the owner, was doing some great hybrid, leather/Kydex, holsters and mag carriers. I was honored to be asked to evaluate some of his work in those early times of the company. I still have the original gear I was given to review and even continue to use the mag carrier every time I carry more than one magazine. That just happens to be every time I go out with the family. So that double mag carrier has seen a lot of use over the last six, or so, years.

Since then Jason has done some great things with his company. Just weathering the economic storm the firearm industry went through under Obama is a great credit to Jason’s leadership in his company. But it’s his willingness to continually innovate that sets him apart.

His inside the waistband holsters, the Black Mamba, may have given him his start but it certainly didn’t end there. Soon we had the Sidewinder, an outside the waistband holster that really was fantastic. It hugged your hip and hid my Glock better than a lot of all leather holsters. After a few years I actually cracked the Kydex…yeah, that’s a whole different story…I really miss that holster.

There are even more options today. I don’t want to take all the fun of exploring his website from you so I won’t ruin all the surprises but you really owe it to yourself to take on that adventure. I’ll be reviewing a couple of his newest innovations soon. I actually have them but promised I would take them through their paces. I don’t want to brag too soon but let’s just say I’ve had one attached to an “EDC” bag…and it got tossed around the room a few times. I wasn’t surprised at the results.

So please follow the link to CONCEALMENT SOLUTIONS and see what you’ve been missing.

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