Iron Dog Holsters, Concealed Carry Done Right

Quality is one thing I insist on. Whether it’s my firearms or what I’m carrying them in it has to be something I can rely on. I’ve been testing out a hybrid holster from Iron Dog for about three weeks. I’ve had mixed feelings about hybrids in the past but I like this particular holster.

DSCN3790The leather is a lot more supple than I expected. Some hybrid makers use the more riged holster leather. That works great for durability but it doesn’t always conform to your hip as well or as quickly. In a seated position,  let’s face it, it just hurts. The more supple offering was a welcome surprise. Right out of the packaging it fit well and was extremely comfortable. I actually got called elsewhere in the house, the downfall of working from home, and forgot I had it on for about an hour with no pistol in it.

The Kydex portion of the holster was no surprise. It was well molded as anyone would expect. I liked the thickness of the Kydex and it was riveted together well with no blemishes. It just met every expectation.

I did have one concern though. I like a holster that gives me a little resistance when drawing. Having a large family means never knowing when you’ll have to chase after one or more kids in the local fast food playland. The last thing I want to be concerned about is my pistol falling out of the holsters in the ball pit. This holster really didn’t have the retention I was looking for so I fired off an email to Mike Clifford, co-owner of Iron Dog, for advice.

Mike followed up with a few questions to diagnose exactly what the issue was. He came back knowing that part of it was a small adjustment that I could make on my own, along with them having to use different brand of mold for my Springfield GI 1911 than they had used in the past. So, a little hair dryer action and this holster is ready for every day carry.

DSCN3811I was really impressed with how knowledgeable and quick to reply Mike was. Yes, he wants a good review but he took more time to make sure my concern was addressed that other companies have. I can’t wait for my next purchase from Iron Dog because of how I was treated.

So, Iron Dog has everything you’ve looking for in a holster company. Great customer service and a quality product.

There’s only one thing my I.D. holster is missing….Cerakote. I may just have to fix that. In the mean time, I want you to go check out Iron Dog Holsters. I know you’ll have a great experience with these guys and get a quality piece of carry gear.

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