HSig P320 run amuck


I have been reading a lot on the Sig Sauer P320 testing video, showing that if dropped onto the back of the slide it will discharge.

I will start off by saying, I am not a fan of the P320 but that is a personal dislike for the gun. Sig has been producing firearms for a very long time. They have produced numerous quality firearms, and some total flops as well. Most of what I have seen has been Rumors only.

Here is what we know. There was a report of someone in the Dallas PD that claimed there was a problem with the gun. The gun was then pulled from service at the DPD. There has been no report of an incedent with the firearm discharging accidentally that I can find anywhere. According to people that have actually talked to someone at DPD. There still has been no report of any accidental discharges at the DPD.

The tests on the firearm were done in a controlled environment and the discharges only happened when the gun was dropped at a certain angle. Now. That being said. Sig put out a press release concerning this and in true manufacturer form, denys any issue with the firearm.  Here is the release

Newington, NH (August 4, 2017) – In response to social media rumors questioning the safety of the P320 pistol, a variant of which was selected by the U.S. government as the U.S. Army’s Modular Handgun System (MHS), SIG SAUER, Inc. has full confidence in the reliability, durability and safety of its striker-fired handgun platform. There have been zero (0) reported drop-related P320 incidents in the U.S. commercial market, with hundreds of thousands of guns delivered to date.

The P320 meets and exceeds all U.S. standards for safety, including the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute, Inc. (SAAMI), as well as rigorous testing protocols for global military and law enforcement agencies.

All SIG SAUER pistols incorporate effective mechanical safeties to ensure they only fire when the trigger is pressed. However, like any mechanical device, exposure to acute conditions (e.g. shock, vibration, heavy or repeated drops) may have a negative effect on these safety mechanisms and cause them to not work as designed. This language is common to owner’s manuals of major handgun manufacturers.

As a result, individual attempts to perform drop tests outside of professionally controlled environments should not be attempted.

“SIG SAUER is committed to producing only the finest products,” said Ron Cohen, President and CEO of SIG SAUER. “Safety and reliability have been and always will be paramount to the SIG SAUER brand.”

That being said there are also no reports out there anywhere of any sort of Accidental Discharge of the P320 in the Civilian market. Note that there are probably thousands of them out there. Knowing today’s media, I am sure if there was it would be all over the place. I have seen one report of a Law Enforcement officer filing a lawsuit for an Accidental discharge.  Here is the report SigSauer



So is the gun safe? I believe it is as long as you don’t drop it at a specific angle. But here is the big question. Why would you be dropping your gun anyway. Being safe with a fiream is and should always be your primary goal. So shoot it, safely retain controll of your firearm. Follow the safety rules and this should never be a problem. We hear about these things in the industry all the time. Having had worked for a major firearms manufacturer and knowing that problems do occur with any mechanical device, A MAJORITY of the time the problem is created by the User, not the firearm.

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