10/22 Brilliance

p_078000429_3I know I’m a bit late on this one but bare with me. At this year’s SHOT Show Brownells launched their BRN-22. It’s basically a target quality 10/22 receiver/barreled action. The hash mark is there because you can buy just the receiver, and add your own barrel, or as a factory barreled receiver with several barrel contour combo options.

This is another homerun for Brownells in my book. There’s a big market for accurate rimfires. To come out with an affordable version of the many p_078000433_1custom receivers out there without compromising on the custom quality.

With everything from tapers to threaded bull barrels there’s no limit to what this thing is capable of. Target shooting, done. Rimfire competition, yep. Small furry vermin hunting, oh hell yeah. That’s a lot of bang for a $150-$160 price range for the barreled actions or $80-$90 for the action alone.

My favorite feature about this setup…there is a pre-cut hole at the rear of the receiver that allows easy insertion of a cleaning rod, from the rear, to clean the bore from the breach, the RIGHT way. This shows amazing forethought.

After that…stocks. I am in love with the Magpul stocks. Not for the AR platform, even though they are awesome, no I mean for everything else. The p_100017572_1Magpul stock for the 10/22 is something I’m drooling over. There’s still some ergonomic changes I’d make to the grip…it’s just too square…but the angle of the drop is magic. The ability to customize length of pull is essential. So, for $135 plus shipping you have the foundation of a great setup for any need.

So give the BRN-22 a look. I think you’ll be happy you did.


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