10/22 Brilliance

I know I'm a bit late on this one but bare with me. At this year's SHOT Show Brownells launched their BRN-22. It's basically a target quality 10/22 receiver/barreled action. The hash mark is there because you can buy just the receiver, and add your own barrel, or as a factory barreled receiver with several … Continue reading 10/22 Brilliance

ProMag’s Archangel, 1911, Grips

Sometimes even our “once in awhile carry” deserves some attention. My 1911 usually rides in my “go bag” if I have to make an unexpected trip with the kids. It's just faster to grab it and go from time to time. That doesn't mean this gun I only carry occasionally isn't on my mind. I've … Continue reading ProMag’s Archangel, 1911, Grips

Ergo Tactical DLX, AR15 Grip

It's now after 0630hrs and you're sitting in your deer blind. There's just enough light to see clearly through the scope. You hear a faint rustle to your right. You silently bring your rifle up through the view port. You're hunting with your new AR platform in 7mm-08. You're adrenaline increases and your hands get … Continue reading Ergo Tactical DLX, AR15 Grip