Brownells “Gunnery”

I just received my first issue of Brownell's "Gunnery" magazine. This is freaking brilliant on their part. You want to market...send your customers something full of ways to get excited about their products. If you're looking for gun related anything...go to Brownells and never look back.

It’s Not That Hard

Are you ready for this...this is really going to piss some people off. The accurate bolt action rifle is a beautiful thing. Whether light and sleek or weighted for stability with heavy calibers the bolt gun is the original pinnacle of the utility rifle. There's a lot of custom builders out there that make it sound like they are the … Continue reading It’s Not That Hard

Tactical Anatomy

I've always looked for ways to get the most out of my training time. What techniques can I use? What equipment will help me but not get in my way? What types of training will get me to where I want to be with the shortest path. Anyone who has followed Gundoc's for a while … Continue reading Tactical Anatomy

Beginnings of General Defense

Many, in today's world, are concerned with general defense. Here in Texas, we hear of more and more violence in the cities. One that stood out in San Antonio was a family argument. It got heated and one of the men sped off in a car only to return a short time later. Upon arrival, … Continue reading Beginnings of General Defense


  There are big changes coming to the Chetwood Clan Armory. Since the debacle with GA Precision we have been thinking of how to bounce back. After discussing things with family and friends we have decided to phase out custom rifles completely. We will continue to do local gunsmithing and even out of state gunsmithing … Continue reading Announcement

Official Announcement

Crusader Weaponry has been contacted by the attorney for GA Precision. Evidently our name and logo infringes on the trademark rights of one of their rifle models. Though it sounds like apples and oranges, after studying up, it isn't. Crusader Weaponry is forced to change our name and logo in order to keep from being … Continue reading Official Announcement

The 6.8SPC Hunter

It's 0500hrs on the last weekend of deer season in South Texas. The December air is chilled just enough for us to see our breath. I'm sitting in the blind thinking about what needs to happen. The feeder was set to go off in about an hour so settle in for some silent watching to … Continue reading The 6.8SPC Hunter