Iron Dog Holsters, Concealed Carry Done Right

Quality is one thing I insist on. Whether it's my firearms or what I'm carrying them in it has to be something I can rely on. I've been testing out a hybrid holster from Iron Dog for about three weeks. I've had mixed feelings about hybrids in the past but I like this particular holster. … Continue reading Iron Dog Holsters, Concealed Carry Done Right

Sheepdog vs. Sheepdog

Sheep...wolves...and sheepdogs. It’s a topic that sees a lot of debate and, quite frankly, cheers. Everyone likes to sit around clinking beers together and calling themselves sheepdogs. I’m not going to dispute that fact about anyone. I have, unfortunately, noticed some division in the ranks.As we all know, the idea of the sheepdog started in … Continue reading Sheepdog vs. Sheepdog

Privateer Leather

I know I've written about this company before but you'll come to see that I come back to companies that I like. No, there's no pay involved or even an extra nice word about us, I simply do it because I really like their work. That's the case with Privateer Leather. Service with this company … Continue reading Privateer Leather

Zimmerman and the Aftermath

Ok, I have to get in on this. I've been trying not to but I can't keep silent any longer. Needless to say, I'm thrilled for Mr Zimmerman. He was a victim of caring about his neighborhood. The man was on the neighborhood watch in a crime ridden area. Did he sit on his couch … Continue reading Zimmerman and the Aftermath

“Tactical Man-Bag”

Okay, so here's one I never thought I'd be writing. It's not a's not a tactical's both...RIGHT? Technically I suppose you're right but it's all in what's in the bag. But think of all the mag pouches that can be added to the MOLLE webbing. Think of the new holster you will need … Continue reading “Tactical Man-Bag”

Changes at Crusader

There is going to be some big unexpected changes around here. They aren't changes I wanted to make but the time has come to face them. With the loss of our Senior Trainor just over a month away we've had a lot of things to consider. What happens to the training program that he spearheaded? … Continue reading Changes at Crusader

Utah Permitless Carry

I've been following the Constitutional Carry bill here in Utah. Well that's what it started out as. In it's original form it was a bold piece of legislation that made all of us proud. Then came the pressure from the Salt Lake hippies. Before the bill was even contested...I mean there was barely time for … Continue reading Utah Permitless Carry