Here we go folks. Slipstream is going to be available for a short time only to get you set up for the holidays. We're selling oils only. Slipstream Classic is $18 including shipping and packaging. Slipstream STYX will sell for $25 which also includes shipping and packaging. To order simply email us at and … Continue reading SLIPSTREAM SALE

BladeTech, IWB, Holster

My friends over at 1800GunsAndAmmo sent me a couple of holster for review. This first one, I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical of. It's essentially a $25 holster with kind of a funky design. In the scheme of things, can it really be a holster worth paying attention to? Despite my hesitancy, … Continue reading BladeTech, IWB, Holster

HSig P320 run amuck

I have been reading a lot on the Sig Sauer P320 testing video, showing that if dropped onto the back of the slide it will discharge. I will start off by saying, I am not a fan of the P320 but that is a personal dislike for the gun. Sig has been producing firearms … Continue reading HSig P320 run amuck

Compliance For The Gauge

I'll make this as short as possible. HFD2 makes some interesting components. We wrote about their "pumpkin puncher". So, what's different about this new model? Well, first I should say that this is an upgrade for the Nordic Components or GG&G shotgun magazine extensions. I really liked the original but...I did have a little concern … Continue reading Compliance For The Gauge

Clean Up Your Act

"Clean that weapon Soldier."Yeah, about that....let's talk cleaners. Whether you enjoy gun cleaning or not it's a necessary part of shooting. Unlike what some products out there would like you to think there are cleaners that are meant for certain jobs. Some work well for almost most applications and some just flat out suck.What we … Continue reading Clean Up Your Act

Concealment Solutions

 I'd like to introduce you to Concealment Solutions. I've actually known of this small Utah company for several years. We go back to when Crusader and Concealment Solutions were both sponsoring The Gun Dudes podcast.That was in the early days of Concealment Solutions. Jason, the owner, was doing some great hybrid, leather/Kydex, holsters and mag … Continue reading Concealment Solutions

STI Rocks…Again

This one deserves a "Holy Shit". STI, we all know how much I love this company. If I lived closer I would be working there right now...and that's according to actual STI management. Anyway, we all love the 2011. It's freaking awesome, right? The only thing it hasn't been fantastic at is being that small … Continue reading STI Rocks…Again