ProMag’s Archangel, 1911, Grips

Sometimes even our “once in awhile carry” deserves some attention. My 1911 usually rides in my “go bag” if I have to make an unexpected trip with the kids. It's just faster to grab it and go from time to time. That doesn't mean this gun I only carry occasionally isn't on my mind. I've … Continue reading ProMag’s Archangel, 1911, Grips

The 1911

In 1910 the first .45 caliber pistol passed through the hands of John Moses Browning and became a weapon. By 1911 it was adopted by the entire U.S. Armed Forces. It got us through three wars (I say 3 only because revolvers were still in wide use in WWI but were mostly gone by WWII … Continue reading The 1911

Small Note On Pistol Maintenance

I received an email this week asking about 1911 recoil springs. It claimed that his spring had shrunken in size over it's 5000 round lifetime. He also wanted to know if there was a better brand of spring that would take him further than a mere 5000 rounds. My reply to's not. To keep … Continue reading Small Note On Pistol Maintenance

Marketing in the Firearms Industry

Marketing in the firearm industry is a tricky subject for many reasons. This is mainly due to our audience. We are trying to reach largely made up of men with an increasing female interest. How do we reach both markets with one add? It may not be possible. Let’s take a look at the two … Continue reading Marketing in the Firearms Industry

45acp Discussion

I posed a question to the folks on the We The Armed forum. I asked them about the relevance of 45acp with the advent of more recent calibers like the 10mm. I mainly did this knowing the reaction I would get but, here in America, you mess with the 45 and it's sure to stir … Continue reading 45acp Discussion