10/22 Brilliance

I know I'm a bit late on this one but bare with me. At this year's SHOT Show Brownells launched their BRN-22. It's basically a target quality 10/22 receiver/barreled action. The hash mark is there because you can buy just the receiver, and add your own barrel, or as a factory barreled receiver with several … Continue reading 10/22 Brilliance

Stevens Falling Block

Had a poor abused .22lr Stevens Falling Block come in the shop yesterday. I dove right in because I love the falling blocks. I've wanted one for my kids for a long time...maybe not a Stevens though. This thing had been found in a barn and there was no telling how long it had been … Continue reading Stevens Falling Block

New Rifle Package Finally Named

sI've been working on the particulars of a new project behind the scenes. It's been a while, looking at what my suppliers have to offer and trying to match up parts with a purpose in mind. I wanted something that would show off as many parts options as possible without having a "Franken-Gun". Once that … Continue reading New Rifle Package Finally Named

Marketing in the Firearms Industry

Marketing in the firearm industry is a tricky subject for many reasons. This is mainly due to our audience. We are trying to reach largely made up of men with an increasing female interest. How do we reach both markets with one add? It may not be possible. Let’s take a look at the two … Continue reading Marketing in the Firearms Industry

45acp Discussion

I posed a question to the folks on the We The Armed forum. I asked them about the relevance of 45acp with the advent of more recent calibers like the 10mm. I mainly did this knowing the reaction I would get but, here in America, you mess with the 45 and it's sure to stir … Continue reading 45acp Discussion

Dump the Bolt Action?

I read a recent article about modern sniper rifles and their battlefield mission. It's true that the role of the sniper has expanded during current conflicts. Sniper programs were done away with after our world wars, forcing the military to rebuild them when new conflicts arose. Since then we have seen the importance of marksman … Continue reading Dump the Bolt Action?