BladeTech, IWB, Holster

My friends over at 1800GunsAndAmmo sent me a couple of holster for review. This first one, I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical of. It's essentially a $25 holster with kind of a funky design. In the scheme of things, can it really be a holster worth paying attention to? Despite my hesitancy, … Continue reading BladeTech, IWB, Holster

ProMag’s Archangel, 1911, Grips

Sometimes even our “once in awhile carry” deserves some attention. My 1911 usually rides in my “go bag” if I have to make an unexpected trip with the kids. It's just faster to grab it and go from time to time. That doesn't mean this gun I only carry occasionally isn't on my mind. I've … Continue reading ProMag’s Archangel, 1911, Grips

The 1911

In 1910 the first .45 caliber pistol passed through the hands of John Moses Browning and became a weapon. By 1911 it was adopted by the entire U.S. Armed Forces. It got us through three wars (I say 3 only because revolvers were still in wide use in WWI but were mostly gone by WWII … Continue reading The 1911

45acp Discussion

I posed a question to the folks on the We The Armed forum. I asked them about the relevance of 45acp with the advent of more recent calibers like the 10mm. I mainly did this knowing the reaction I would get but, here in America, you mess with the 45 and it's sure to stir … Continue reading 45acp Discussion

Taurus 1911’s

Taurus has come a long way in the last decade. You and I both know that there was a time when you'd use a Taurus for a paperweight before you'd actually carry one. Now they're actually turning out some half way decent stuff. Their 1911's happen to be one of them. Their 1911's are actually … Continue reading Taurus 1911’s


It's not a great picture (ok, it kind of sucks) but our 1911 builder sent me a picture of one of his previous builds. It's hard to see but this gun has every part hand fitted and assembled in such a way that would make the Profit, John Moses Browning, personally bless his efforts. These … Continue reading 1911

Little something I’ve been working on

So there's a little project I've been wanting to do. The only thing holding me back is time, or lack thereof, and needing some knowledge to finish it up with. Well there's a good friend of mine that just happens to be the key to this little project. What is this project? Well, I've been … Continue reading Little something I’ve been working on