HiperFire Revolution

SLXLM Okay, so you think that there are enough AR-15 triggers out there to fill any need. Maybe that’s true. Maybe not. Even if you haven’t been able to tell I assure you that the differences between trigger  manufacturers are huge. Some take great care in the fit and finish in their products. Some don’t. … Continue reading HiperFire Revolution

Ergo Tactical DLX, AR15 Grip

It's now after 0630hrs and you're sitting in your deer blind. There's just enough light to see clearly through the scope. You hear a faint rustle to your right. You silently bring your rifle up through the view port. You're hunting with your new AR platform in 7mm-08. You're adrenaline increases and your hands get … Continue reading Ergo Tactical DLX, AR15 Grip


We've all see the guy at the range with his newly, self built, AR15 that looks like Dr Frankenstein had his hands on it. One that seems to have the parts meant for about 7 different purposes crammed onto one rifle. You know, that one we all secretly laugh at behind the guy's back. I … Continue reading FRANKENBEAST

Apex Machining

We have used the Apex handguards for the last couple of years. The quality of their workmanship is second to none. Before I go any further this post is NOT to speak ill of them in any way. That being said, they changed their dealer program last month. With the new policies in place we … Continue reading Apex Machining