Iron Dog Holsters, Concealed Carry Done Right

Quality is one thing I insist on. Whether it's my firearms or what I'm carrying them in it has to be something I can rely on. I've been testing out a hybrid holster from Iron Dog for about three weeks. I've had mixed feelings about hybrids in the past but I like this particular holster. … Continue reading Iron Dog Holsters, Concealed Carry Done Right

Concealment Solutions

 I'd like to introduce you to Concealment Solutions. I've actually known of this small Utah company for several years. We go back to when Crusader and Concealment Solutions were both sponsoring The Gun Dudes podcast.That was in the early days of Concealment Solutions. Jason, the owner, was doing some great hybrid, leather/Kydex, holsters and mag … Continue reading Concealment Solutions

Killer Kydex

Squared Away Customs was referred to me by a Facebook contact. So I gave them a shout...on Facebook. I had one simple question, would they like to have their work reviewed? I had an answer in about an hour. That's incredible response time for any company. Most are simply too busy to have someone sitting … Continue reading Killer Kydex

SHOT Highlight

We're back from SHOT Show and ready to get back to work with a vengeance. We saw some incredible new stuff that I will go over in a later post but want to hit one in particular. I met the owner/operator of Adams Holsters.  He is the best holster maker I've ever seen and I … Continue reading SHOT Highlight

New Holster On The Way

I've been looking into getting a new CCW holster for a while now. A good friend of mine (Mr. Dahl) turned me on to inside the waist band holsters. He let me try on his new holster some months back and that changed my out look on them. In the last week I was able … Continue reading New Holster On The Way