A Little Informal Training

This past weekend I hosted an informal carbine training course. It was just a few friends and of course the Crusader training team there. The spot we picked in the being a great place to hold such course. While the shooting bays that we wanted were packed full by the time we got there that … Continue reading A Little Informal Training

Dry Fire Practice

Dry fire is an essential part of any practice routine. Now I say that with a disclaimer. Dry fire must be used in the correct context. This is not a training technique for adding accuracy, although accuracy will follow. Using this for anything other than what it's meant for will result in not getting everything … Continue reading Dry Fire Practice

Changes at Crusader

There is going to be some big unexpected changes around here. They aren't changes I wanted to make but the time has come to face them. With the loss of our Senior Trainor just over a month away we've had a lot of things to consider. What happens to the training program that he spearheaded? … Continue reading Changes at Crusader

Test Fire

I'm heading out to test fire another batch of Sealed Mindset Signature Pistols today. I have to say that it's a privilege to be building weapons for such a great training group. We're honored to be working with their owner, a retired Navy SEAL, who we consider one of Americas Champions. If you haven't checked … Continue reading Test Fire

Crusader Firearms Training

I know I've already posted about our upcoming course but it's time for a double tap. Defensive Pistol, This Saturday 0900 hrs Buckskin Hills Range, Vernal Utah. This is shaping up to be a great course. Full but great. There are still a couple slots open so it's first come first serve. This is our … Continue reading Crusader Firearms Training

Gun Fighter Cast

Daniel Shaw  of the Gun Fighter Cast podcast show invited me to do my first interview for Crusader a few weeks back. Well today was the day. It was a good time with good company. We talked about all things Crusader and answered some listener email questions. I have to admit the Q&A was a blast. Check … Continue reading Gun Fighter Cast

Defensive Handgun

We are getting really excited about our handgun course on 9/26/09. It's really going to be a fantastic class. If you've been thinking about taking a handgun class this is the one to take. We have a theory about our training that most sneer at. You see, we want to bring you world class training … Continue reading Defensive Handgun