Brownells “Gunnery”

I just received my first issue of Brownell's "Gunnery" magazine. This is freaking brilliant on their part. You want to market...send your customers something full of ways to get excited about their products. If you're looking for gun related anything...go to Brownells and never look back.

Stupidity of the Left on Gun Control

Breitbart has an article out that I have to comment on. I didn't even get past the headline without blood shooting out of my eyes. Yes the duct tape is firmly wrapped around my head just to keep from exploding. Here's the thing Sen. Boxer, known anti-gun wacko, thinks that bringing our guns on camping … Continue reading Stupidity of the Left on Gun Control

Wrong Direction

We all know that we, as a country, have been heading slowly down the wrong path for decades. I have to default to my own personal realm. For thousands of years of human development there has been one thing, one set of skills, that has been the definition of a man. That one thing being … Continue reading Wrong Direction

Media Relations and Guns

I just got this in my email this morning. It's worth passing on but I'll add my thoughts after it. ARE WE ARE OUR OWN WORST ENEMIES AT TIMES? As a media or firearm/outdoor industry professionals at times we can be our own worst enemies when it comes to the firearm debate. The words we … Continue reading Media Relations and Guns

Gundoc’s Response to the Connecticut Shooting

I have a few things to say but first let me take a second to offer my sympathy and broken heart to the families having to find a way to get through the day after loosing a child to something as horrific as this. I speak for myself as well as all of us at … Continue reading Gundoc’s Response to the Connecticut Shooting

Need some help

I need all of your input on something. I thought I had run into an isolated insident but recently I ran into the same wall. Alright, maybe a little back story is needed. A few years back an old boss brought in a new business manager. He was a Marine recon sniper. He knew his … Continue reading Need some help

Kriss Carbine

I had a Kriss Carbine come into the shop for a Cerakote and Slipstream treatment. In the process I've come very well acquainted with it and have some conclusions I'd like to share. I should start off by saying that during the process I'd like to start out by saying I've had every pin and … Continue reading Kriss Carbine