BladeTech, IWB, Holster

My friends over at 1800GunsAndAmmo sent me a couple of holster for review. This first one, I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical of. It's essentially a $25 holster with kind of a funky design. In the scheme of things, can it really be a holster worth paying attention to? Despite my hesitancy, … Continue reading BladeTech, IWB, Holster

Concealment Solutions

 I'd like to introduce you to Concealment Solutions. I've actually known of this small Utah company for several years. We go back to when Crusader and Concealment Solutions were both sponsoring The Gun Dudes podcast.That was in the early days of Concealment Solutions. Jason, the owner, was doing some great hybrid, leather/Kydex, holsters and mag … Continue reading Concealment Solutions

Killer Kydex

Squared Away Customs was referred to me by a Facebook contact. So I gave them a shout...on Facebook. I had one simple question, would they like to have their work reviewed? I had an answer in about an hour. That's incredible response time for any company. Most are simply too busy to have someone sitting … Continue reading Killer Kydex

Privateer Leather

I know I've written about this company before but you'll come to see that I come back to companies that I like. No, there's no pay involved or even an extra nice word about us, I simply do it because I really like their work. That's the case with Privateer Leather. Service with this company … Continue reading Privateer Leather

Privateer Leather

If you haven't heard of Privateer Leather...shame on you. They make a fantastic holster. There really isn't enough I can say about the quality. The stitching is even and tough. The leather is top quality and a great thickness. The mouth of the holster stays open for re-holstering. Is there really anything else we look … Continue reading Privateer Leather

Kydex Holsters

So I have some general observations on Kydex holsters and then I'll get into some pictures and stuff you can actually buy at a discount. I really like Kydex as a material. It's tough, it is easily molded, and can be made into a comfortable holster. I love the fact that you can get it … Continue reading Kydex Holsters

Concealment Solutions

If you haven't heard of them I'd like to introduce you to Concealment Solutions. They specialize in hybred holsters. I have both an IWB and a OWB holster from them and they are top quality. My latest addition is their new magazine pouch. It's a hybred of kydex and horse hide. It fits tightly onto … Continue reading Concealment Solutions