Ergo Tactical DLX, AR15 Grip

It's now after 0630hrs and you're sitting in your deer blind. There's just enough light to see clearly through the scope. You hear a faint rustle to your right. You silently bring your rifle up through the view port. You're hunting with your new AR platform in 7mm-08. You're adrenaline increases and your hands get … Continue reading Ergo Tactical DLX, AR15 Grip

South Texas Deer vs. 30-06

I had the unfortunate experience, lately, of seeing what a friends 30-06 did to the small South Texas Whitetail. It's not a pretty picture. In fact I'm choosing not to post pictures because of the mess it made. If we were talking about a horror movie...sure. But not hunting. I'm just going to put this … Continue reading South Texas Deer vs. 30-06

New Hunters

It's no surprise that hunting is on the rise. Reasons ranging from prepers to dads continuing a tradition share in the credit for it. We're seeing a new source though. A friend tagged me in a post containing THIS article. I find the article fascinating for several reasons. The fact that women are finally getting … Continue reading New Hunters

The 6.8SPC Hunter

It's 0500hrs on the last weekend of deer season in South Texas. The December air is chilled just enough for us to see our breath. I'm sitting in the blind thinking about what needs to happen. The feeder was set to go off in about an hour so settle in for some silent watching to … Continue reading The 6.8SPC Hunter

Sporting Purpose???

Okay, there's a lot that needs to be said here. We have heard, and will hear more, from the gun grabbers spouting the term "sporting purpose". This term is something the left has cooked up over the last decade, or so, to tear down the second amendment. That's it. It has no other reason for … Continue reading Sporting Purpose???

Safari Club International

Recently Crusader Weaponry donated a couple Training Courses to SCI to help raise some money for them. It raised about a thousand dollars. Yes, I that was approximately $1000.00.  It may not be a whole lot of money compared to some of the other things that were auctioned there... but every bit helps and Crusader … Continue reading Safari Club International