ProMag’s Archangel, 1911, Grips

Sometimes even our “once in awhile carry” deserves some attention. My 1911 usually rides in my “go bag” if I have to make an unexpected trip with the kids. It's just faster to grab it and go from time to time. That doesn't mean this gun I only carry occasionally isn't on my mind. I've … Continue reading ProMag’s Archangel, 1911, Grips

The 1911

In 1910 the first .45 caliber pistol passed through the hands of John Moses Browning and became a weapon. By 1911 it was adopted by the entire U.S. Armed Forces. It got us through three wars (I say 3 only because revolvers were still in wide use in WWI but were mostly gone by WWII … Continue reading The 1911

SHTF Weapons

Yes I know the first thought from just reading the title of this post, "could there be a more broad topic?" You would be absolutely right in that assessment. This is kind of a crazy topic for a single post. Lets just start from the very beginning. The most important thing about a SHTF firearm … Continue reading SHTF Weapons

New Option

I have been working on this since SHOT Show. I met the incredible young man (owner of Adams Holsters) and his bride that just impressed the heck out of me by the work he does. The level of craftsmanship was  unmatched. We've worked out a deal on his newest design that I am extremely excited … Continue reading New Option


Now I've been alluding that we have some surprises coming on our website. If you'll excuse my poor photography skills, I thought I'd give everyone a little preview. This is the Crusader Reaper. It is a G23 that comes with our CW-Glock service (the G23 is ordered and the CW-Glock added to it when you … Continue reading REAPER


All of us are concerned about our families. Self defense is part of that. That's why we've put together the CW-Glock package. The Glock is a fine weapon but it can be improved. We've gone through the design and hand picked the upgrades that turns your off the rack Glock into just the hard charging … Continue reading CW-Glock

Verdict on Para

I've put up a little bit about Para Ord. in the past. Some time has passed and I wanted to revisit it. The Para double stacked 1911 came highly recommended to me. Some one I respected and whom I valued their opinion. I've carried it for almost a year now. I don't mind the weight. … Continue reading Verdict on Para