Wrong Direction

We all know that we, as a country, have been heading slowly down the wrong path for decades. I have to default to my own personal realm. For thousands of years of human development there has been one thing, one set of skills, that has been the definition of a man. That one thing being … Continue reading Wrong Direction

Secession Petitions

Really??? Let's start this one off by saying that using the White House website's "We the People" section (started by obama) to petition for secession is total crap. This isn't the governor taking a petition of the state and then filing official paperwork of any kind to the federal government. No, this is "Joe Schmo" … Continue reading Secession Petitions

Bin Laden

Okay, so the piece of excrement is dead. Unlimited props to our intel agencies and military for getting the job done. It may have taken 10 years but that just proves that you can't wear down the US. You mess with us...we WILL kill you. I'm more than happy to give B.O. a pat on … Continue reading Bin Laden

Offended doesn’t cover it.

I saw this on the Ogre's site. I just couldn't keep my mouth shut about it. We can start out with the fact that they have their terminology wrong. Clips...really? That's just the tip of the iceberg. Having the jackhole shoot up a target shaped like a little girl. That crosses a line that should … Continue reading Offended doesn’t cover it.


I know...we've already heard from the political elites that "we don't profile here in America". I'm so sick of hearing that. With the viral video circling of TSA doing the full pat down of a 6yr old little girl in full view of the rest of the airport. The instance was caught on tape by … Continue reading Profiling

What’s the world coming to?

I keep track of how Crusader News is preforming very closely. There's something I've noticed for a while now and I think it's worth mentioning. Back in 2008 I wrote a post about "Bug Out Bags" or BOB for short. To write this one I looked for quite a while to find a BOB contents … Continue reading What’s the world coming to?