Ergo Tactical DLX, AR15 Grip

It's now after 0630hrs and you're sitting in your deer blind. There's just enough light to see clearly through the scope. You hear a faint rustle to your right. You silently bring your rifle up through the view port. You're hunting with your new AR platform in 7mm-08. You're adrenaline increases and your hands get … Continue reading Ergo Tactical DLX, AR15 Grip

New Camo For My M4

I finally got my carbine finished up. I would have put it in a post but I took some great pictures today and needed some more room.   I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. It works a little better in thick brush and trees than the open desert. You really can't tell … Continue reading New Camo For My M4

M4 Report

My carbine worked flawlessly at the tactical carbine course yesterday. I'm really proud of that rifle. It took a while to decide what I wanted to add to it but it turned out great.It's time now to get it cleaned up and back to work to be camouflaged. Then it will look as great as … Continue reading M4 Report

Tapco AK Side Folding Stock

There is some great stuff from Tapco. Their plastic side folder isn't one of them. We had a customer that wanted one on his Saiga conversion recently. I wasn't too impressed with it right out of the box. It's rough and done not in polymer but all in regular plastic. We went ahead and put … Continue reading Tapco AK Side Folding Stock